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Sizzling Summer Delights: The Top 5 Things to Do in Key West

Key West, Florida is a vibrant destination all year round, but when the summer season hits, it really comes alive. Sure, it can get hot – very hot – but don’t let that deter you. The tropical charm of this island city coupled with a myriad of exciting activities makes it a must-visit summer hotspot.

Now, you might be wondering, what makes Key West a summer wonderland? Well, we've curated a list of the top 5 activities that will keep you entertained (and cool!) in this sun-drenched paradise.

1. Explore the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum: One of Key West's most prized gems, the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, is the perfect indoor adventure. It's the home where the famous author lived and wrote for more than a decade. Wander through this historic home, take in the stunning architecture, and meet the descendants of Hemingway's famous six-toed cats. A cool way to spend a hot day! And, no, you can’t swim in the Hemingway pool- but if you meet my husband Jon be sure to ask about the dip he took on a dare. Oy vey.

2. Take a Sunset Sail: There's nothing quite as refreshing as the ocean breeze in your hair. As the day starts to cool, embark on a sunset sail adventure. Several companies like Fury Water Adventures offer sunset cruises that provide breathtaking views of the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico. Plus, a bit of champagne or wine makes it all the more enjoyable.

3. Discover Underwater Life with Snorkeling: If you're eager to beat the heat, plunge into the warm turquoise waters surrounding Key West. Home to the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States, snorkeling here offers an up-close encounter with diverse marine life. There are numerous guided tours available, making it a safe and memorable adventure for all ages.

4. Dive into the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory: Imagine being surrounded by hundreds of butterflies in a tropical paradise. Sounds dreamy, right? The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory offers this magical experience. This cool, climate-controlled habitat is a delightful retreat from the summer heat and offers a unique interaction with nature that adults and kids alike will adore.

5. Visit Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park: A perfect blend of history and beachy fun, Fort Zachary Taylor State Park offers a fantastic day out. Explore the Civil War-era fort in the morning when it's cooler, and as the temperature rises, relax on the park's beautiful beach, known as one of the best swimming spots in Key West. Plus, they have a great snack bar there…yumm.

So, there you have it – our top five summer activities in Key West. While the mercury might rise, there's no shortage of ways to stay cool and enjoy everything this remarkable island city has to offer. So, pack your sunscreen, grab your sunglasses, and get ready for an unforgettable Key West summer.

Don’t forget to bookmark our blog for more exciting tips on making the most of your time in Key West!

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